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Welcome to Science Bridge Technology

Science Bridge Technology is an IT consulting company.

We are specialized in Open Source CMS website development, mainly Drupal and Plone. We also do ColdFusion development. So far, we have clients from private industry to County and Federal Government.

A Content Management System

  • Store data in the database;
  • Separate site design from site content and functionality;
  • Highly scalable.

Drupal (PHP/MySQL)

  • Free development tool and database;
  • Drupal Custom Content Types and Views;
  • High Scalability;
  • Multiple users with Custom Permissions;
  • Flexibility;
  • Taxonomy;
  • E-commerce Development;
  • Gallery Development
  • ...

Plone (Zope/Python)

  • Offers outstanding search engine visibility.  Perfect for SEO efforts!
  • Powerful workflow engine - automate your business processes
  • Keeps track of users, their permissions and changes made to your website
  • Speaks your language - available in over 40 languages
  • Easy integration with Active Directory, LDAP and SQL databases
Current Project Jan 06, 2013